• Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

    3 hr

    135 US dollars
  • Offered Daily

    2 hr

    75 US dollars


Booking a rehearsal: Magnatron Studios LLC rehearsal and studio spaces are considered 'Use at your own Risk'  and with the recent Covid 19 crisis. This needs to be understood that Magnatron Studios will provide a clean environment to the best of its ability by following City/County/State guidances, but can by no means guarantee your full safety due to the current situation. Rehearsal booking times and dates are subject to availability, Magnatron Studios LLC reserves the right to refuse service and/or reschedule or cancel bookings at their discretion. In the unlikely event Magnatron Studios has to cancel or reschedule your booking, your method of payment will be refunded promptly, or can be rescheduled if you so wish, if a future date is available. Bookings can be made through the Book Online form at magnatron-studios.com or sandiego-rehearsal-studios.com.

Payment: Payment must be made online, any other arrangements have to be approved by management. All payments must be made in full. We cannot accept partial payment. Rehearsals can be extended if the room is available and upon approval from Management (THIS IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID-19). We cannot issue refunds or credits if you do not use the entire block of time. Extended sessions will be subject to full payment of the customary hourly rates for every hour beyond the scheduled time.

Cancellations: In the event you must cancel your booking, please do so a minimum of 24 hours before your scheduled time by calling 619-980-2129. No Refunds is the policy within 24hrs, so failure to do so may result in a partial refund or a no refund situation, depending on the circumstances.

Equipment: The equipment in each room is listed clearly on the website for your convenience. We cannot guarantee all equipment listed will be available due to breakage and use, but a reasonable replacement should be available, if not please call 619-980-2129. If you require equipment that we may not have, please inquire, so we might accommodate your request if possible.

Damages: Any damage caused to studio equipment due to misuse and/or abuse will be charged to the responsible party (person who booked the session). By securing a booking, you are agreeing to be held responsible for any missing and/or broken equipment. If an item of equipment is damaged or missing at the start of your rehearsal, please report it by calling 619-980-2129 immediately. 

Theft: Please do not remove any property from the studio. If you realize you accidentally left with an item that does not belong to you, inform us promptly so that we can arrange its return . Accidents happen! Anyone caught intentionally stealing will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Personal items/lost property: Magnatron Studios is not responsible for any items that are lost, stolen or damaged. Please check your room thoroughly before your departure, if you find that you have left something please notify us immediately and do not re-enter your room without prior approval from our staff. UPDATE Timed sessions during Covid-19 will require you to be IN on time and OUT on time no exceptions.

Smoking: Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere inside the studio complex. If you go outside to smoke, please ensure that you are a safe distance from the studio and that your cigarette stubs are disposed of appropriately in the cigarette bin provided.

Noise levels: To contain sound, the main front door must be kept closed at all times when not loading in or out. All doors to your room must also be closed during rehearsal to avoid bothering your neighbors, noise complaints, or ensuing violations of sound ordinances and social distancing rules.

Food/Drink: You are permitted to bring your own food and drink into your rehearsal room. Any damage caused to studio equipment due to spillage or negligence with food and drink will be charged as per our damages policy. Please help us to keep the rehearsal rooms tidy by placing any trash in the trash cans provided in the restroom, please note that there is a reg trash can and a recycling bin in bathrooms, please only put bottles and cans in the recycle bin. A cleaning fee may be assessed if the room is left in unacceptable condition. Please throw away any drum sticks, picks or strings etc. that are broken.

Our rooms and premises are protected by a security company and 24hour video surveillance cameras visible and hidden. We monitor and review security regularly. Any unacceptable behavior as detailed in this agreement will be addressed immediately.

By booking rehearsal time with Magnatron Studios, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth herein.